Hello. My name is Gerard Peters, I live in the Netherlands. I’m a designer, illustrator, writer, artist, percussionist, enterpriser, husband… and crazy dad of 2 lovely daughters. For years I’ve made illustrations and character designs for clients; designs for brochures, for posters, for books, for exhibitions… And I’ve made a lot of t-shirt designs; for friends, events or just for fun.

In 2016 I started with my own children’s book series (in Dutch). Daddy is Crazy about Soccer, Mommy is Crazy about Music … Books to explain to your children what your hobby is about. (and to explain why you have to go to your training or rehearsel) These little books were often bought as gifts for fresh parents or parents-to-be. The ‘crazy parent’ concept brought so much joy that we expanded it with gifts and T-shirts.

Now, since 2020, English merch is available on CrazyAbout.shop. Crazy gifts for crazy people. Because there is nothing more fun than to surprise (and tease) someone you love.Have a look around, have fun. There’s agift for allmost all Moms and Dads. And if you have some¬†questions about the illustrations or some new great ideas, please let me know.

Regards, Gerard Peters / GRAD1